With passion and an inquisitive mind, Bart's search for expressing his art has lead to a diverse musical undertaking.

Whilst finishing his formal training at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the guidance of Norbert Nozy, he started teaching and conducting at an early age, as well as transcribing and arranging for various ensembles.

As a performing artist, he played concerti with  wind ensembles and had the opportunity to play the Larsson and Glazounov Concerto with string orchestra. At the 4th World Music International Soloist Competition in Kerkrade, Bart won the first prize and in the International Golden Saxophone Competition Odessa, Ukraïn, he won  third prize.

As both a saxophone and ensemble teacher at the Municipal Academy of Hemiksem (Antwerp), Bart is involved in the creation of a cross-over approach to improvisation in the classroom with jazz saxophonist Joppe Bestevaar.

In 2009, together with three talented friends, Bart formed the Anemos Saxophone Quartet, which won the Youth'n Classic Competition, the National Adolphe Sax Competition for ensembles in Dinant and the European Chamber Music Competition in Luxemburg. Their highly accredited debut-album, Through Time, was released in 2013. They played on festivals in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Croatia and Serbia and were broadcasted on the national classical music radio station Klara. Recently they released their 2nd album, Klapzoen, together with poet Geert Vanhassel, honoring the memory of the First World War.


With Nele Tiebout, Pieter Pellens and Asagi Ito, Bart completes Brussels based saxophone quartet Scarbo, derived from the poem by Aloysius Bertrand about a small fiend hiding in the dark, reappearing at his own desire. Together they create contemporary music programs combined with other art forms. They performed the project Pagine with renowned Rosas dancer Yuika Hashimoto. In 2018, they won the competition Supernova.


Bart's passion for conducting started at a very early age. In the strong local wind band communities in Flanders,  he was able to experiment and grow. He then started conducting the Saxophone Ensemble of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2015. In 2017, Bart conducted the strings of the Belgrade Philharmonic, he created a contemporary youth Opera by Philip Lamouris and will conduct Mahler's 4th symphony.

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