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Suite based on the music from the motion picture 'Interstellar'.


This arrangement is best suited for churches or concert halls with an organ. Nonetheless, a sampled organ might also be a suitable option. The synth-part can be adapted to the context of the hall. Possible samples are provided in the .ZIP file.


The use of a midi-pad for the synth sounds is advised for better control of the timing. 


I. Day One

II. Mountains

III. Detach





Flute 1,2



Bb Clarinet 1,2,3

Bb Bass Clarinet

Eb Alto Saxophone 1,2

Bb Tenor Saxophone 

Eb Baritone Saxophone


F Horn 1/2, 3/4

Bb Trumpet 1, 2, 3

C Trombone 1, 2

C Bass Trombone

Bb Euphonium (Bass Clef+Treble Clef)

Bb Tuba (Bass Clef + Treble Clef)

Double Bass



Mallets (Vibraphone, Tubular Bells)

Percussion 1 (Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-Taml)

Percussion 2 (Tam-Tam, Suspended Cymbal, Temple Blocks, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Triangle)




Synths (midi-pad)

Hans Zimmer - Interstellar Suite | Symphonic Wind Band

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